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“Every time I wear one of your ties I get a compliment.” –J. Hill, III, Homewood, IL

“Printer's Row Black got three compliments over a 2.5 hour period (I only count compliments from complete strangers; family is biased so I don't include them). Sunshine Stripe Red garnered two in as many hours. Sorry to be so clinical but I thought you'd like to know your ties were admired.” –P. Catalano, Bradenton, FL

“Thank you so much for your response. I just wanted to let you know that my boyfriend loves your ties, this is the second one I have purchased for him, and I think it may become a Christmas tradition. Not only do you produce quality products, but you have the best customer service. And I just wanted to thank you for that. Happy Holidays - Theresa B.” –Theresa B.

“In 1998, I purchased my first Lee Allison tie... As styles for ties (and everything else for that matter) came and went, this one tie remains a constant in my wardrobe to this day... I have since picked up a couple of others and they've always been great conversation starters when I meet people... Keep making these great ties, Lee! ” –-Dennis F., Oak Park, IL

“Received three ties today. In a word...stunning. Not only are they truly beautiful, but they knot far better than my other ties. ” – P. Catalano, Bradenton, FL

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