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Wovens vs. Prints

Woven silk neckties are generally preferred by neckties aficionados for their beauty, intricacy and luster. The colors and motifs you see in woven silk come from actual threads of silk because the design is woven directly into the fabric when it’s created on a jacquard loom. In fact, the design is the fabric. It’s like a tapestry, with all the richness and all the texture.

With printed silk, the colors and design are applied to a piece of existing silk using silk-screens and dyes. Prints make fine ties. They can have more colors than wovens, and are quicker to tie because the base silk is generally “smoother” than a woven silk. In addition, because of this smoothness, they are less likely to snag.

However, we think you'll agree with most authorities on fine men's dressing: there's really nothing quite like the beauty, texture and luster of a woven silk tie.

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