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February 1998 The Seven Sexist Men In Menswear

Sex appeal. Since the beginning of time, people have been trying to articulate what makes someone sexy. And while itís difficult to put into words, when you see it, boy do you know it! Why are we telling you all this? Brace yourself. You are holding in your hands a copy of MRís Sexiest Men in Menswear. In an industry filled with fire starters, weíve compiled a list of the top seven men who sizzle. We thank all of our readers for their nominations. After endless hours of debating, we narrowed the list to the following seven names, which range (in no particular order) from smoldering industry icons to relative new comers with temperature-raising promise. (Why seven? Alliteration! And we thought we might get luckyÖ) By Hollee Actman

Lee Allison (The Lee Allison Company)
One needs only look to Lee Allisonís (above, with friend Beth Mullins) kitschy Ď50s-inspired neckwear line to understand that this manís got a wicked sense of humor. So while he may be cute and charming, wit is undoubtedly the key to Allisonís sex appeal. Weíll let his questionnaire speak for itself:

Being sexy is about: confidence and good teeth.

Every man should have: a menage a trois.

The sexiest color is: safety orange. Where thereís safety orange, thereís danger.

The sexiest city is: New Orleans. Because itís all about drinking and sweating.

I feel sexiest when: Iíve paid all my bills.

An ensemble works best when: youíve got a French accent to say "ensemble" properly. If you say it right, it doesnít matter what youíre wearing (or not wearing).

A perfect evening consists of: a sunset, wine while youíre getting dressed, cufflinks, public displays of affection, a skyline view, more wine, naked swimming, sex and a slice of cold pizza.

The sexiest man on earth is: Prince, because heís got to be the most confident heterosexual male ever, given the shit he wears. Although Iím not so sure about his teeth (see answer #1).

A surefire way to crank up the sexy quotient: remove all decision-making from your lover for the evening. You pick the place, order the food, the drinks and yes, dessert. Make everything a surprise, including the hotel suite youíve reserved for later. And of course, you pay for everything.

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