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Chicago Tribune
June 4, 2001
Business Section
Tie a new one: A Father’s Day fashion routine. By Denise Flaim (The e-shopper)

Go gentle into that good cliché. Like it or not, that’s our advice for Father’s Day shopping this year. Dads expect ties, even if, with the triumph of casual dressing at the workplace, they’re not wearing them as religiously as they once did. Just as your mom can never in theory have too many azalea bushes given to her year after year on Mother’s Day, so, too, can your Dad never have too numerous an army of cravats given in honor of Father’s Day. Of all the neckwear-peddling sites out there, our hands-down favorite has got to be Chicago-based LeeAllison.com (www.leeallison.com). For shopping ease alone, it scores off the Richter scale. The site lets you hop effortlessly from one item to another, and you can preview color selection for a specific print with no fuss, no muss. And it doesn’t hurt that the stuff they sell is pretty snappy, too. The prints here are as clever as they are eye-catching, and some are downright edgy. Bar codes, eight balls, chain links, even skulls and crossbones – they all make a statement when set in a subtle pattern. Our favorites: "Prison Wall" (an endless series of tally marks) and "Profanity" ("$#*@%" repeated against a burgundy backdrop). The handmade woven silk neckties average about $80 each, but, hey, he’s worth it…………………………

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